Flat Ship Table
Most assemble-at-home furniture is not very easy to assemble. It often ships in bulky, wasteful packaging and ultimately lacks aesthetics. My goal was to create something easy to assemble that required no tools. Ideally, it would ship using minimal materials and when assembled, look great.
The original assignment was to create an interlocking fruit bowl. After completing the project, I quickly realized this geometric pattern could be better applied to furniture.
Through a few adjustments to the form, the asymmetrical structure of the fruit bowl turns into a flat and functional structure well suited to a piece of furniture.
Concept Development
The concept was  an easy to assemble, attractive piece of furniture. As I worked on it, it became apparent that the table would ship flat, thus taking up less room and using little packaging material.
Final Product
This table requires no tools to assemble, has a unique form, ships flat and creates less waste.
Senior Thesis
During my time sailing I saw more than one head injury, including one very serious concussion. This sparked my interest in water safety products.
Through research I discovered there was little to no information about safety in water sports.
Concept Development
There are very few water sports helmets on the market; most are cheap, low quality, and knock off's of skateboard helmets vs. being specifically designed for water sports.
Since wearing helmets on the water is not popular, my design needed to be lightweight and comfortable, but strong enough to be effective. It would have to be able to withstand impacts, not obscure vision, and stay put through extreme weather conditions.
Final Product
My solution to this problem is Tidal. Whether you're kite-boarding, wake-boarding or sailing, this water sports helmet will protect you.
Thank you!
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